Musikvideon Härnösand klar

“Härnösand”. Ännu ett musikaliskt porträtt av en kommun.

Detta verk består av flera delar:

Instrumentalmusik med stråkar, harpgitarr och en nyckelharpa. Alla spelar överallt men enkelt uttryckt skulle man kunna säga att stråkmusikerna ur Nordiska Kammarorkestern bär de lyriska delarna medan Folkmusiktrion Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall driver den del av kompositionen som består av en polska

Textmaterialet består helt och hållet av ord insamlade från Härnösandsbor (se tidigare inlägg) som jag sedan komponerat ett collage av

Inspelade röster. Talade och sjungna. Också av människor i Härnösand. Det mesta på svenska men några även på arabiska, ryska och bulgariska

Dansare från Norrdans som med sina rörelser fritt associerar till musiken

Medverkande Härnösandsbor i videon som bland annat gör teckenspråkrörelser utifrån en del av orden. Det tecknen i videon visar är: Frihet, har vi frihet? Gemenskap, har vi gemenskap? Att berätta är att ge, att lyssna är att få. Alla skrattar, sörjer, längtar

Some rain

The video-recording the other wednesday went al-right. Some bad luck with the weather though…. A lot of holding-an-umbrella-over-the-camera. But very patient participants, very professional dancers (Norrdans) and skilled cameraman (Joakim Nyström). Thank you everybody!
Now cutting work


Last weekend another step was taken to finish the piece “Härnösand”. All words I’ve been collecting and made a composition of – were now supposed to be recorded. (Read earlier post here) With me I had a very good technician named Henrik Heinrich. It all took place at Folkhögskolan. We fixed a muffled corner and then people came by a schedule that I’ve made. It was people of all kind, all ages and they sang some words, spoke others

The day after was advanced editing in Henriks studio. To cut and put all the words in the right place – according to the score. In the end it was possible to imaging the outcome…. Might be good. Still a lot of work in the studio. I’ll come back to you when we’ve made some more

August 16 I’ll try to gather as many as I can to participate in videorecording


Special performance in Stockholm

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“KRYP” – my big band music choreographed by Camilla Ekelöv is visiting Stockholm. Bohuslän Big Band with RTV dance group

When? 1.30 pm April 12

Where? Hörsalen Kulturhuset Stockholm

For whom? The whole family

Check info här

Check a nice photo here


Recording of the piece “Härnösand”

Now back after two days at Nevo Studio in Sundsvall, that was the next step in the work with “Härnösand”. Read earlier post about it

It was really fun! A string-quartet from Northern Chamber-orchestra + the Folkmusicgroup Ahlberg Ek Roswall. A mix of folk- and classical music.

The piece will be about 7 minutes and the instrumental part represents 3/4 of it. The rest consists of spoken and sung words of people from Härnösand. In may I will go there – with a sound engineer – to get these voices recorded. I’ll get back to you about that.


How does my music sound?

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Sometimes people ask how my music sounds. So very difficult to explain since the music is obvious to me but probably not for others.

Now when I’ve had some reviews and critiques I’m able to quote a few descriptions. But I’m not sure it will make it clear….

Sofia Nyblom, Svenska Dagbladet: “… a journey back to Dag Wirén-land and the frenchsmelling sound that the woodwindquintet indicates. A painting modernism that is easy-sung and free from tortuous irony – without being commodified”

Magnus Haglund, Göteborgsposten: “…and sometimes the music reminds me about a kind of factual modernism from the 1920 – 1930. But also like old-fashioned film-music, maybe from some of the italian films that Nino Rota and Ennio Morricone made the music for. It’s a kind of “straight on”, and still restrained, without manners.”

Martin Nyström, Dagens Nyheter: ” …reminds me about both Igor Stravinskij and Astor Piazzola…”


Premier at last

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March 1 was the premiere of “LasseMaja and the Operamystery” It went really good! Thanks to the director Mia Ringblom Hjertner and the ensemble. I’m so pleased with the result. Read the critique here. The only think that bothers me is the difficulty of getting a ticket. I hope The Gothemburg Opera will bring in some more performances. At the picture – photo by Tilo Stengel – you see Anki Jones as Rosina

For four years, this has occupied my mind. Now time to make place for new music- and dramatic ideas.


One week in Härnösand collecting words for a new composition. Trying to come in contact with people of all ages and all groups. The common denominator is that they all live in Härnösand. The question I’m posing is:

1. If you should describe your life just today, with three associative words, what words would that be?

2. If you should describe your life over a six-month period, with three associative words, what words would that be?

3. If you should describe your life over a 10-50-years period (depending on your age) with three associative words, what words would that be?

With this word-material I will try to make a word-collage and set to music.

The instrumental part will be string-quartet + folkmusicgroup (Ahlberg, Ek, Roswall) Everything will be recorded and then also become a short movie (with photographer Jocke Nyström)

project to be continued….



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At last the rehearsals got started at Göteborgsoperan with “LasseMaja and the Opera Mystery”. So nice to meet the children that will do “Lasse” and “Maja” and of course the whole ensemble! Read more here about there names.