Composer in Residence in Västernorrland via Scenkonstbolaget

September 2015: Official premiere of my music-video “Härnösand”

November 2014: The music-video “Härnösand” published at Vimeo, Youtube and Facebook.

Augusti 2014: The music-video Härnösand is finished! The thoughts of people living in Härnösand have been transformed into music. All together with a folk-music-trio, string-quartet and pictures

Augusti 2014: Video-cutting time. When I try to explain to Joakim my opinion of how to cut, I’m forced to formulate and clear the intentions of the music, which was really useful. And interesting things happens when you put pictures to music. To complicated to explain here but I can say it’s educational

Juli 2014: Now we have an audio-version of the piece. Time for the video. Once again I want to involve the people living in Härnösand. We have had an advertisement in the paper, but the weather is quite bad that day, so not too many people showed up. It was fun anyway.

Dancers from Norrdans were there all day. I really enjoyed watching them work! One single film-day run fast… Joakim Nyström behind the camera has to be effective.

Some of the words I want to express in sign-language: Free, are we free? Solidarity, do we have solidarity? To tell is to give, to listen is to get. Everybody laugh, everybody mourn, everybody long. To our help we had a sign-laguage instructor.

June 2014: Next step in the process was to record the voices for the collage that I wrote. Everybody both spoke and sang words from my collected “word-bank”. I had a score with the voices and we had to get them into the right place. I dont think anyone of them found it difficult. The difficulty ended up on the sound-engineer…

May 2014: Now first performance of the new version of my opera”The journey of the circus-girl”

Mars 2014: Just finished with the first part of the recording of “Härnösand”. Last year, when I worked with “Västra Medelpad” there were no folk-music. But this time it will be! A trio called Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall and a string quartet from NKO will make a cross-over.

Feb 2014: On my way to Härnösand. “Picking words” from the people living there. Out of that I’ll make a text, and then a composition with string quartet and a folkmusic group called Ahlberg Ek Roswall

Dec 2013: Just finished the revision of “The journey of a Circus Girl”. A short opera that I made a few years ago. This time there’s a Music-school with singing student of good quality that need some dramatical material. This is also a part of the assignment as a County Composer. The orchestra will be Nordic Chamber Ensemble.

The County Composer, well, what a fantastic assignment!
Last year was the municipality of Ånge`s turn to receive special attention by Scenbolaget and I have duly received two commissions from this community. One of the commissions was to compose a musical portrait for a chamber orchestra dedicated to that part of Västernorrland. I visited the region on a regular basis and gathered manifold impressions from the whole area and am transposing them into a musical arrangement. I infiltrated that environment, listened to its pulse, met and got to know all kinds of folk. Occasionally I recorded sounds and voices that were ”sampled” and became part of the musical backing. It  all ended up and culminate in a music video. Watch it here

The other commission was to write a piece for the Nordic Chamber Orchestra that can be played together with all amateur musicians and choirs from Ånge. It is music set to Cecila Littorin`s poem ”Jag tror på flykten,” – ”I believe in escape.” It’s great fun and challenging to write for such a diversity of criteria. Music school students collaborating, playing together with professional musicians, children choirs singing with adult choirs.
The premiere was at the end of May at the communes own festival!

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