Malin Hülphers has been active as a composer in a theatrical context for more than 15 years. Music for theatre in the beginning, both independent groups as well as institutions. More recently she has developed and worked on musical dramas and operas.

Examples of some institutions that have commissioned work from her :-
Scenkonst Sörmland,  
Music in Uppland with the Uppsala Kammarsolister,  
Östgöta Brass Kvintett  
Gothenburg Opera 
Nordic Chamberorkestra
Estrad Norr/Stockholms Länsmusik,  
Bohuslän Big Band 
(see below for a more detailed list of commissions, as well as projects she initiated herself that are quite unusual compositions)

Her work covers a broad spectrum of the genre and has always an idiosyncratic tonal language. A stylistic trademark of her music is also a profound instinct and understanding for dramatic scenarios. She is a member of FST and SKAP.

The last ten years:

2012/13/14/15 Scenkonstbolaget Västernorrland – Composer in Residence, including pieces for chamberorchestra, choir & orchestra, chamberopera, crossover-projects. 2012 Gothenburg Opera –  Composer in Residence 13/14 Opera/Musikal commission for music and libretto.
2011/12 Bohuslän Big Band – ”Kryp”, commission for a Bigband. Collaboration with Region Västs dance ensemble, choreography by Camilla Ekelöf. 
2010 Östgöta Brasskvintett – ”Sagan om en kolhydrat”, ”the Story of Carbohydrate”, a musical fairy tale for pre-school children. Commission was for both text and music. Performed by the Östgöta Brass Quintett.
2009 Stockholms Länsmusik/Estrad Norr – ”Hattstugan”. Opera for children with libretto based on Elsa Beskow`s fairy tale. 5 singers and wind quintett.
Director – Rolf Christiansson, Scenography – Lasse E Jonsson,  
Singers – Fredrik Strid. Anna Larsdotter Persson, Jan Löfgren, Camilla Lundstedt, Rolf Christiansson. Stockholms Länsmusiks Blåsarkvintett, Nordiska Blåsarkvintetten 
2009 Scenkonst Sörmland – ”Sven Duva”  
A musical version of the poem by Runeberg.  
Director – Patrik Sörling. Scenography – Katrin Brändström,  
Singer/ Actor Joakim Berg, Jakob Höglund,  
Musicians– Eirik Steinsvik, Åsa Karlberg, Nils Åke Pettersson  
2007 Musik i Uppland/Uppsala Kammarsolister – ”The Secret of the Elves”  
A children`s opera where I am author of both music and libretto. String sextett, two singers and a dancer. 
Director – Sara Erlingsdotter,  
Scenography – Karin Lind,  
Dancer – Virpi Pahkinen, Singers – Torbjörn Lilliequst och Joa Helgesson. 
2006 Scenkonst Sörmland – ”Cirkusflickans resa”, ”The Journey of a Circus Girl”  
Children`s opera where I also wrote both music and libretto. Two singers, seven musicians.  
Director – Rolf Christiansson, Costume – Senem Yazan,  
Singers – Metin Ardel and Camilla Lundstedt,  
Musicians from Scenkonst Sörmland. 
2006 Teater Ettettett/Riksteatern – ”Konserv, en husmorsmusikal”, ”Tinned, a housewife`s musical”.

Contributed both as a musician and librettist.
Director – Johan Schildt,  
Actors – Mia Nilsson, Gunilla Bergerham, Eva Bäckman.  
Musiker – Anders Åstrand, Jan Levander, Malin Hülphers 
2004 Scenkonst Sörmland – ”Trollet och Solstrålen”, ”Sunbeam and Troll”
A musical fairytale with text based on the original by Hjalmar Bergman. For one singer and four musicians.

More than 10 years ago:
2000  Orionteatern – Wrote the music for ”Sanden  ropar” by Henning Mankell, 
Director – Peter Oscarsson. 
Musicians – Jan Levander/Kjell Westling, Niklas Rosvall/ Marcus Svensson, Olle Bom/Pelle Johansson. 
Actors – amongst others Elisabeth Karlsson, Malin Ek, Niklas Ek
1999  Mellby Scenkonst – ”Medea” by Euripides. Wrote the choral music for the folkchoir. 
Director – Sara Erlingsdotter. 
Actors – Susan Taslimi, Per Milstam. 
Singers – Susanne Rosenberg, Ulrika Bodén, Eva Rune, other contributions, Thanos Vovolis
1997  Folkteatern Gävle – Wrote the music for ”I undrens tid” an interpretation of the gospel of St. John from a commentary by Margareta Ekarv. 
Directed by Sara Erlingsdotter, 
Scenography – Suzan Crepault, 
Dancers – Virpi Pahkinen. 
Actors – Elisabeth Karlsson amongst others.
1996  Stockholms Stadsteater – Wrote music for”Kröningen” by Lars Forssell, 
Director – Sara Erlingsdotter, 
Scenography – Suzan Crepault. 
Dancers – Virpi Pahkinen, Hans Wigren, Jacob Eriksson, Jane Friedman. 
Musicians – Malin Hülphers, Bengt Hillding, Bo Hülphers
1995  Västmanlands länsteater – ”Bakom örat” a text and musical collage for large ensemble and orchestra.
Collaborated in the composition with Jan Levander. Orchestra from Scenkonst Sörmland
1994  Skillinge Teater – ”Orestien” by Aeschylus
Conposed music and also participated as a singer. 
Director – Anita Blom, Scenography – Adèle Änggård. 
Actors Palle Granditsky, Mikael Strandberg, amongst others.
1993  Riksteatern – ”Brinner ännu lågan” by Staffan Olzon. 
I was band leader as well as singer in this production.
1992  Mellby Scenkonst – ”Jag lever” Text by Hagar Olsson and Edith Södergran
Partcipants Mikael Strandberg, Katarina Zell amongst others.
1991  Composer and singer in Mellby Scenkonsts  – ”Völvans spådom” from the Eddas.
Directed by – Sara Erlingsdotter, Margareta Byström, Lisbet Hagerman amongst others.
Singer/Narrator – Rolf Christiansson.  
Musicians from Scenkonst Sörmland alt. Estrad Norr

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