How does my music sound?

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Sometimes people ask how my music sounds. So very difficult to explain since the music is obvious to me but probably not for others.

Now when I’ve had some reviews and critiques I’m able to quote a few descriptions. But I’m not sure it will make it clear….

Sofia Nyblom, Svenska Dagbladet: “… a journey back to Dag Wirén-land and the frenchsmelling sound that the woodwindquintet indicates. A painting modernism that is easy-sung and free from tortuous irony – without being commodified”

Magnus Haglund, Göteborgsposten: “…and sometimes the music reminds me about a kind of factual modernism from the 1920 – 1930. But also like old-fashioned film-music, maybe from some of the italian films that Nino Rota and Ennio Morricone made the music for. It’s a kind of “straight on”, and still restrained, without manners.”

Martin Nyström, Dagens Nyheter: ” …reminds me about both Igor Stravinskij and Astor Piazzola…”


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