Music video Härnösand finished

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“Härnösand”. Another musical portrait of a county

This piece consists of several parts:

Instrumental music with strings, harp-guitar and “nyckelharpa” (A swedish folk-instrument). Everybody play all the time but in simple terms you could say the musicians from NKO are carrying the lyrical parts while the trio “Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall is “driving” the folk-music-parts

The lyrics consist of words collected from locals in Härnösand (Read about it in earlier posts) that I’ve made a composition of

Recorded voices. Spoken and sung. Also by people living in Härnösand. Most in swedish, but some in arabic, russian and bulgarian

Dancers from Norrdans that with moves freely associate with the music

Locals participating in the video making movements of sign-language, expressing some of the words. They say: Freedom, do we have freedom? Connection, do we have connection? To tell is to give, to listen is to receive. Everybody laugh, everybody morn, everybody long

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